model is running across beach with saltee hawaii graphic tote bag in hand

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Laguna Beach Branding For Saltee Hawaii Brand

Jun 20, 2022

Out with the old and in with the new, but make it sustainable!! Sustainable products provide environmental, social, and ecological benefits while protecting the environment’s health, and Saltee Hawaii does just that! This post is all about Hawaii branding for Saltee Hawaii’s authentic products.

picture of beach chair with hat and bag hanging from it, while under an umbrella at the beach
close up portrait of model wearing Saltee Hawaii, graphic tee

About Saltee Hawaii

This small, local business in Oahu, Hawaii, is all about being eco-friendly and positively impacting its customers. Saltee, Hawaii, is owned and run by the sweetest couple, Ila, Radastami, and Ila’s cousin, Tungi. Ila is motivated by living a clean lifestyle to support the preservation of Oahu’s natural beauty. Her husband, Radastami, is the business’s graphic designer and creates designs inspired by the authentic Hawaii island lifestyle. Tungi is a local artist who is ambitious about bringing her passions and creativity to life through artwork. Check out their online store and treat yourself to some beautifu & unique products! 

both models are leaning against a rock on the beach and both wearing saltee hawaii graphic tee's

Hawaii Branding

Saltee Hawaii is originally and currently located in Oahu, Hawaii, but I snagged the opportunity to bring some of their product branding to life at Laguna Beach, CA. Because Saltee sells a variety of products such as apparel, jewelry, prints & eco-accessories, I was able to let my creative ideas flow with the shoot. Since Saltee is based in Hawaii, my initial thought was to incorporate two very big island life’s essentials in the branding session: the beach (but that’s a given) and warm lighting and undertones from the sun. These two ingredients make for a recipe that can’t go wrong!! Because California isn’t as blessed as Hawaii in terms of weather (hellooo 60 degrees Fahrenheit), I didn’t have my models jump in the ocean, haha! I decided to give this Hawaii branding shoot a fun Cali twist and bring those “salty vibes” to sunny SoCal!All in all, Saltee Hawaii is in excellent hands, and being able to capture their products for branding was a fantastic experience!

blurry candid of model running across the beach with saltee hawaii's graphic tote in hand
portrait of models hand holding a saltee hawaii graphic tote bag in hand
close up portrait of model holding saltee hawaii's pearl necklace
portrait of saltee hawaii's iphone case on iphone
picture of beach chair with saltee hawaii's graphic tee draped across it with a beach hat placed on chair too

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