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The gal behind it all

Ever since I was little, I loved taking pictures! I had the disposable cameras everyone grew up with, some little cheap Walmart digital cameras my mom would buy me for Christmas, I even at one point convinced my sister to give me her digital Canon! After hours and hours of babysitting on weekends, I was finally able to buy my very own camera! 

For a little while it was just a hobby and a way to spark creativity in my life.  I never would have thought to make it a career until I married my husband Max. He has one of the most encouraging families I have ever met!! It just so happened that his sister is a couples wedding photographer as well. She noticed I had the potential to turn my hobby into something more if that's what I wanted. Without the encouragement of her and my family I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

Ultimately, my faith is what drives everything I do. My passion is to serve you with the gifts God has given me and to help create a safe, trusting and joyful space during the moments we’ll hopefully get to spend together.

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let's get personal


I have lived my entire life by the ocean! I realize that I am incredibly lucky to even be able to say that. I grew up as a military brat and the only two places we were stationed was Hawaii and Southern California. I am for sure my  happiest self when I am out in the sun by the beach. But if I am not at the beach I love a good baking sesh and Netflix binge. Some yummy homemade cookies (they have to be from scratch. No 3 step box baking here) while watching Friends...is there even anything better?!?!

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down to the details

I’m obsessed with: Sunsets on the beach or anything Disney
My bucket list travel location: Austria 
My go to song to blast in the car: I will unashamedly sing my heart out to Justin Bieber  
Favorite place I’ve traveled to so far: Bali, Indonesia 
I’m addicted to: Boba Tea
Go to coffee shop order: Iced Lavender Latte 


"A life lived in love will never be dull."

This is kind of a long one but I'll try to keep it short and sweet and still try to keep all the good parts in. 

Somehow Max and I met in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii! Max was a Cali boy and I just graduated high school on Oahu. Both unsure of the next step in our lives we decided to commit to a 6 month missionary program on the Big Island! Max claims he fell for me on day one and I shamefully admit it took my heart a little longer than his. He wrote me notes, bought me candy, watched Disney movies with me and even played card games with me. He admitted after we were together that he actually doesn’t like card games and just played them so he could spend time with me. Seriously, how sweet?!

After going on our separate missions and continuing our friendship long distance I realized I really REALLY liked this guy. Once we were both on the Big Island again I waited for Max to officially ask me out. We had just a few days before we had to leave each other again, so time was ticking! It was the very last night and he hadn’t said anything yet. I finally decided I was going to be the one to ask the “so what are we?” question. Both of our faces went red but then followed with a sigh of relief both knowing how we felt about each other. We talked all night trying to figure out how this relationship was going to work while living 2,000 miles apart. (The only answer was...lots of facetime calls and plane flights.)

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We facetimed and texted everyday for a year, every couple months taking turns flying out to surprise each other. After 9 months of long distance and about 4 plane flights later he popped the question on a dinner date in Laguna Beach.

Obviously, IT WAS A YES! I flew back to Hawaii with a ring on my finger and a wedding to plan! We got married that following summer in his grandparents backyard!! And I know I’m probably biased but we had

Fast forward to today… We have been happily married for four years, still figuring things out but doing it with each other. Oh! And we are parents to the cutest baby girl who brings more joy into our lives than we ever could have imagined possible.  
If you made it to the end then I know you're a sucker for a good love story.

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