Get to know me: The face behind Danielle Leilani Photography.

Jul 9, 2022

As Jay-Z once said- “allow me to reintroduce myself.” My name is Danielle but call me Dani! It’s my birthday month, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share more about who I am, what I love & my favorite items at the moment. It’s always nice to put a face to the name and understand the person you are entrusting with your photos. I aim to genuinely connect with my clients and be friends instead of just a random photographer. SO, without further adieu, let’s get into what I’m loving and have a “get to know me” moment!

The face behind the lens

First things first, I’m a wife, dog mom, annnnd I’m currently growing a tiny human, so I’m lucky enough to get the title of momma in the next couple of months! I was born and raised by the waves, so home is wherever the ocean is closest. Thankfully I married a guy who lives in So-Cal, so the ocean is not far! I’m naturally not a morning gal but trying to be (it’s a work in progress)! One of my favorite things to do is get outside, walk with my pup “Blu,” and feel the beaming sun on my skin. Besides being outdoors, I love having my camera on hand and capturing those candid moments that make time stop at a standstill.

close up portrait of dani sipping on her smoothie

Summer Essentials

What I’m wearing: A summer wardrobe

Loose. Pants. Period. Wearing these will give my belly room to grow and shine! The set I’m wearing is from Anthropologie. As soon as I saw it, I KNEW I needed it!! This outfit gives plenty of room for my belly to grow, and I will definitely be wearing it after baby is here next summer! I’m definitely adding this to my “go-to beach outfits”!

close up of danis anthropologie set
dani is wearing her set from anthropologie with her hands in her pockets showing it off

What I’m eating: A smoothie recipe must have

There’s nothing more refreshing than a nice cold smoothie for breakfast, especially in the summertime. The pineapple coconut combo gives a refreshing tropical twist, and the spinach is a perfect way to get your greens in. Not to mention the protein powder is excellent…well, for protein! (it’s totally optional tho ;). 

I dropped the smoothie recipe below. Give it a try; you won’t regret it!

Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipe

Coconut water
Greek Yogurt
A scoop of vanilla protein powder

*hot tip* in an ice cube tray, freeze the coconut milk/cream, and use that for your smoothies to make them extra yummy!

dani holding her smoothie in her kitchen and smiling

What I’m doing: Beach Shoots & Summer Sessions

Okay, let me set the vibe- a summer shoot with your boo, what’s not to love?! Sunshine on your skin, the days are longer, and it gives you an excuse to get outside! 

I had my sister-in-law shoot this session for Max and I during our family vacation in Maui. It was so fun just getting to splash, swim, roll around in the sun and have FUN. There was no real reason why I wanted to take photos except for the fact that I just wanted spontaneous beach photos to look back on. Little did I know it would be my last time taking photos with Max before being pregnant! You don’t need a special reason for photos-they can be just for fun! Getting some cute candids of you and your lover is always a good idea!

dani and her husband kissing while sitting in the water
dani laying on top of her husband and laughing while on the shore break
danis husband spinning her around by the ocean

A note to you!

Thanks for stopping by! Your support means the WORLD to me. Being able to do what I love and make it a job is the ultimate blessing; all thanks to my wonderful clients! If you want to learn more about me- let’s connect and create memories together!


dani and her husband layign down in the sand laughing

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