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Cliffside Malibu Fall Elopement

Oct 15, 2022

October is here, which means I’m officially falling for fall. This time of year is the season for pumpkin everything! Pumpkin lattes, pie, candles, bread, muffins, you name it! Everyone is biased toward summer weddings, but let’s not dampen the light on fall weddings, especially fall elopements! The warm undertones are a whole vibe! I believe anyone can pull off a fall elopement because the scenery and colors are versatile.

Vendor Info

Florist- Cultivated by Faith

shot of the bride and groom walking down the cliffside

Fall Elopement- About The Couple

Jieyi and Greg are both from Singapore (how freaking cool?!) and have been together for eleven years! Unfortunately, they had to postpone their original wedding due to Covid, so instead of continually pushing back their wedding plans even longer, they decided to have a fall elopement instead! They both agreed that they wanted a sentimental and unique way to share their vows- they both concluded that sharing their vows cliffside was the perfect fit. They traveled over 24 hours to California so that they could honor their decision to share their vows cliffside during sunrise! The smiles on their faces were plastered on the moment they arrived and had no intention of coming off. There was no denying that this moment was one of the most intimate I had ever experienced; it was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of their special fall elopement.

shot of the couple walking down the cliff
shot of Greg holding JieYi's hands as they smile at each other
shot focused on greg fixing his suit jacket
close up shot of the couple leaning in to kiss
close up of the couple smiling at each other
shot of the couple leaning in to kiss on the cliffside
couple is standing on top of the cliffside and leaning into each other
shot focused on the couples hands holding each other

Elopement Inspiration

Are you planning a fall elopement? Check out my Pinterest for more elopement/ wedding inspo!

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