Hawaii Tropical Wedding- Joe & Ronna

Mar 8, 2023

Hawaii is a dream destination for many couples who are planning their wedding. Luckily for Joe & Ronna it was like celebrating in their tropical backyard! Ronna grew up in Hawaii and met Joe in New york. It was a no-brainer when Joe proposed that the wedding would be on the island.

With its stunning beaches, warm climate, and lush greenery, Hawaii offers the perfect backdrop for a tropical wedding. I had the pleasure of capturing Joe & Ronna’s wedding at Lanikuhonua and I can attest that there is something truly magical about saying ” I Do’ in Hawaii.

One of the things I love about Hawaii weddings is the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Couples who choose to get married in Hawaii often opt for a casual and intimate ceremony on the beach or in a garden, which allows for a more relaxed and comfortable experience. The bride and groom can be barefoot (my favorite way to go), the dress code is often more casual, and the mood is generally more easygoing.

As a photographer, I also appreciate the cultural aspects of Hawaii weddings. Many couples choose to incorporate traditional Hawaiian customs into their ceremonies, such as the exchange of leis, the blowing of the conch shell, and the performance of a hula dance. Because Ronna grew up in Hawaii, she chose to gift Joe with a Ti leaf lei when she met him at the end of the aisle. These rituals add a unique and meaningful element to the wedding and also show respect and appreciation for the island and its culture.

Joe and Ronna had family and friends fly in from all over!! Another fun aspect of having a destination wedding in Hawaii is that guests are often in vacation mode, which adds to the festive atmosphere, and everyone is there to celebrate the love and union of the couple. And let me tell ya, Joe and Ronna’s guests knew how to party!! The moment the DJ started playing music people were moving. And there was no stopping them!

Hawaii forever has a piece of my heart. The natural beauty of the surroundings, the relaxed atmosphere, and the cultural traditions all make for stunning photographs that capture the essence of the event. If you are considering a destination wedding or if Hawaii is your home, I highly recommend Hawaii as your choice to say “I DO.” You won’t be disappointed!


Florals Belledejourfloral

Wedding Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal

Coordinator: @idoweddingsinc

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