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Cozy At-home Lifestyle Session- Jaylee + Brandon

May 18, 2022

You know those couples who somehow keep feeding that spark of fun and young love? Jaylee and Brandon’s relationship is a prime example of just that! We all know how cute high school sweethearts can be, but these two have been rockin and rollin ‘since middle school!! (Crazy, right?! When you know, you know). They decided it was time to make their family a little bigger by adding this furry guy “Aussie” into the picture. Jaylee and Brandon happen to be two of my close friends, and nothing makes me happier than being able to capture the intimate and timeless love these two have for each other- especially with their new fur baby. They really are the cutest surf family you ever did see!

Cozy Indoor Lifestyle Session Details

The whole mood for the shoot was to keep it groovy, comfy, and relaxed. I wanted to capture Brandon and Jaylee‘s little family in the house they made a home by letting them be their authentic selves! Since they are big surfers, beachy coastal vibes were brought into the mix, and it showcased their lifestyle perfectly! This indoor session consists of portraits taken in rooms they spend most of their time in- relieving the pressure of exceeding any preconceived expectations they may have had for their session.

At-home portrait sessions are the perfect way to capture the real and rawness of your family’s day-to-day life. I recommend at-home sessions for clients who value comfort when getting photos taken- not to mention it also creates an excuse to showcase and capture the uniqueness and originality of your home’s atmosphere!

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Portrait with focus on the dog asleep on the ground while the couple reads a book with each other on couch
  1. Jaylee says:

    Ahhh Dani we had the best time with you shooting in our little home!! You seriously made us feel so comfortable + it was such a fun experience everyone needs to try it out!! Luv yaaa!

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