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4 Best Tips for Session Styling

May 27, 2022

We’ve all been there and asked the same question, “what should I wear to this photo shoot?”. As a photographer, if I had a dollar for every time I get asked that question, I’d give Jeff Besos a run for his money (haha!). But seriously, it really is the million-dollar question that everyone gets worried about as soon as their photo session comes nearer and nearer. The answer is- it ultimately depends on the vibe, setting, and intention you are trying to create during your shoot. This blog post is all about my four best tips for those who need some inspiration when styling their session perfectly.

#1. Neutrals & Soft Colors

My first tip is to stick to neutrals and colors with a softer tone. I highly recommend neutrals because it draws and keeps the focus on YOU rather than your outfit. (If we wanted to pay more attention to certain outfit choices rather than people’s faces, we’d be watching the Met Gala right now!) Different skin shades and scenery colors tend to look much better when there is less distraction in the outfit styling department and more towards clients’ faces! Do yourself a favor and stick to a neutral color pallet for your next photo session!

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#2. Clothes that allow movement

Hey now! I get it; sometimes you want to wear a skin-tight dress and show off that hot bod (AS YOU SHOULD! Period.) But, through the eyes of a lens, outfits that allow full movement add SO much life to an image! My biggest tip is to find styled pieces that extenuate your body’s shape, while being flowy and loose in the right places (Que the Pinterest board I’ve made specifically with this tip in mind- it’s full of outfit ideas and inspiration to draw from). And as for that body-con dress…maybe consider saving it for a hot night out 😉

#3. The Details Are in the Accessories

My third tip is to play around with the accessories!! Personally, I’m a big fan of them for they can finish off an outfit. It also goes along with my first tip– stick to neutral colors. Styling an outfit with solid colors and then pairing it with accessories that add personality and uniqueness is every photographer’s dream for their clients! (Click here for one of my favorite jewelry brands and treat yourself to a new staple piece). Accessories I recommend: a hat, glasses, jewelry (where are all my gold wearing girls at?!), shoes, etc.- elements that add to your outfit but don’t take away from YOU.

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#4. Being Trendy but make it Chill

Trends. We’ve all been there, from plucking eyebrows to non-existence to acid washing only one leg of our jeans. The point is that trends come and go (not saying that we don’t love a good 90’s grunge moment because it is SO in right now); however, there are a few things to keep in mind when  styling your next photo session. Ask yourself this, “do I really love this outfit, or is it just trending at the moment?”. This tip will save you the grief and pain of looking back at your pictures and asking, “what on earth was I thinking??”. Stick to timeless and classic pieces- ones that you will look at in a few years and STILL love because, let’s be honest- we’ve learned from our mistakes and are leaving tacky trends in the past.

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If you’re in need of more tips and tricks, I’ve created an email list you can pull ideas from! Along with that, check out my Pinterest for more photo, content, and outfit ideas

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