couple is sitting down on pier and holding eachothers faces about to kiss

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3 Reasons To Book A Sunrise Couples Photoshoot

Oct 1, 2022

Have you ever heard anyone say that you can’t beat California sunsets? Well, whoever said that is right! I may be biased, but California’s cotton candy pink skies are genuinely unbeatable. The sun setting over the hills with the beach in the background is picturesque! Julianna and Daniel were referred to me by another photographer, and I am SOOOO happy they found me!! This couple is fun- and when I say fun, I mean FUN. Rarely do I get clients who will voluntarily get up and get ready for photos when it’s still dark; don’t be fooled, though; these two were up for the challenge after a little convincing, ha! Because this shoot turned out so beautifully, I thought I’d share my top 3 reasons to book a sunrise couples photoshoot!

couple is standing on the pier and daniel has his arms wrapped around julianna
couple is standing on the pier looking up at each other
shot focucsed on juliannas arm against the pier

#1. Locations are way less crowded

This reason alone would be convincing enough for me, lol! Living in Southern California, the beaches are always crowded with people, especially out-of-towners. Having an empty beach is seriously unheard of. Doing your couple’s photoshoot during sunrise is the perfect way to beat the crowds(work smarter, not harder). Having the area to yourself gives you and your partner more room for a more intimate experience, which will create memorable images to treasure.

shot focused on the couples hands as they are interlocked
daniel is twirling julianna

#2. The lighting is at its prime

Here’s a fun fact: there are two golden hours in the day! Now, don’t get me wrong- I love a good sunset! However, the unique aspect of sunrise is that instead of slowly losing light like a sunset, you gradually gain it, so your pictures have the potential to be light and airy. It makes for a beautiful transition of soft, hazy light! It’s the glowiest part of the day, which will add to your couple’s photoshoot!

black and white portrait of the couple
shot of the couple holding eachothers hands to tightly and looking up at each other
blurry candid of the couple looking off into the distance
daniel has his hands around juliannas face

For more inspiration head over to my Pinterest!

#3. Make a day out of it

This is the best part! Use this as an excuse to have some fun! Go to a coffee shop afterward and treat yourself to some yummy breakfast. Or, if you’re feeling spontaneous, take a dip in the ocean- there’s nothing more refreshing than salt water in the AM. You could even plan a cute picnic on the beach as well- the simple things that matter the most!

shot of daniel kissing juliannas cheek
shot of daniel kissing juliannas nose
shot of the couple hugging eachother and looking off at the ocean

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